Firmware - Featureupdate for Roborock S50

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In 2017, Roborock launched the new robot vacuum cleaner flagship Roborock S5, also known as Roborock Sweep One. No question, the robot is great. Only one and a half years later, the company presents the direct successor with the S6 / T6 model. Hardly anything has changed in terms of hardware. However, the firmware of the S6 / T6 includes new features that allow users to select one or more specific rooms for cleaning or to save a map of another floor.

These features were requested by the S5 user community prior to the release of the new top model and identified in a survey by Roborock.

Shortly after the launch of the Roborock S6 / T6, the group decided to fool all owners of a S5 and break with the promises publicly made on Facebook! The new functions of the S6 / T6 will not be given to the S5. To get these, you have to buy a new robot. What a disappointment. Roborock could have taken Apple as an example. Instead, owners of older devices are denied updates. Roborock wants to boost the sales of the new robot and possibly breaks with its regular customers.

In fact, Roborock does not live up to its promise to give the older S5 a functional update. Let's protest together to persuade the company to give the Model S5 room cleaning as well.