Lets liberate the Cardano Foundation, suspected to be hijacked & paralyzed by its Chairman

Lets liberate the Cardano Foundation, suspected to be hijacked & paralyzed by its Chairman

12. Oktober 2018
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Gestartet von Cardano Social Council

As committed members of the Cardano community, we want to liberate the Cardano Foundation, which seems to us hijacked and paralyzed by its chairman, who by inaction appears to risk damaging the Cardano venture.

We call on the CF chairman to consult and agree with the community and the CEOs of IOHK and Emurgo regarding the election or appointment of four irreproachable new members to the Foundation council, or to resign.

Dear Friend,

We kindly ask you to give us your time and read our petition in the very best interest of the Cardano venture, ecosystem and community. Your contribution here is of utmost importance and highly appreciated.

The Cardano venture has three core pillars: IOHK (www.iohk.io the cryptographic research and software development company led by Mr. Charles Hoskinson; Emurgo (www.emurgo.io the startup incubator of commercial ventures to be developed on Cardano, led by Mr. Ken Kodama, and the Cardano Foundation (www.cardanofoundation.org the non-profit organization that supervises the development of Cardano and its ecosystem, led by Mr. Michael Parsons.

This separation of concerns of the Cardano venture between three entities, with different ownership, leadership, and roles and responsibilities, is a healthy, sophisticated and efficient structure that ensures balance, transparency and accountability in the venture.

All these entities were initially financed by the Bitcoins raised during the Ada token sale, and all of them also have Ada holdings available for future operations and investments in the ecosystem, following common guidelines and compliant with pre-agreed policies.

IOHK and Emurgo have been in the spotlight over the last year with unquestionable integrity, while we barely heard about the operations of the Cardano Foundation.

The recent conflict between IOHK and the Cardano Foundation regarding the Haskell code audits of FP Complete, where $600,000 USD might have been wasted due to negligence and/or incompetence at the Foundation have rung the bell[1]  for the community and triggered serious concerns.

A group of active and passionate members of the community (who go under the name "Guardians of Cardano”), are supported by many other key community members, and have carried out an investigation into the Cardano Foundation.

After investigation it appears to us as if the Cardano Foundation was founded and runs as a family business under the totalitarian control of the chairman, who could be misusing his power and allowing his family, friends and close business associates to directly benefit from the assets managed by the Foundation.

He does not seem to care about his serious mandate and the grand mission of the Foundation. He is not accessible, visible or responsive to the community, does not show any sign of transparency or accountability to the community for his actions and decisions and the operations of the Foundation.

We have summarized the investigation within a comprehensive Open Letter (with 100+ questions submitted to the Chairman) you may find at www.guardiansofcardano.com , and we strongly advise you to read it before deciding to sign the petition.

No matter how confident we feel that the Cardano venture can succeed without the effective help and support of the Foundation, we believe there is absolutely no reason we should let Mr. Parsons get away with likely misconduct and have the incredible worth of resources and a massive opportunity wasted on his suspected autocracy instead of bringing significant value to the Cardano venture.

If you are a believer in the Cardano vision, an investor in the Cardano venture, or if you simply believe, regardless of the loose regulation of the crypto space, that we still deserve crypto leaders to be accountable and to be brought to justice, then you should sign the petition to help us to raise our voices and make Mr. Parsons take appropriate action.

Every cryptocurrency is as strong as its community, and it's time for the Cardano community to show its power and decisiveness to anyone who tries to deliberately or unconsciously mislead and ignore it.

We want to have the Foundation in good hands, contributing to the Cardano dream and managing a good relationship with its founding entities.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Hendrikx (Netherlands)

Bertalan Vecsei (Germany)

Christopher Ray (USA)

Joshua Daviau (Canada)

Markus Gufler (Italy)

Niels Schoof (Japan)

Rick McCracken (USA)

Robin Faichney (UK)

Tim Wulteputte (Belgium)

Guardians of Cardano

Email.             guardiansofcardano@gmail.com

Web.               www.guardiansofcardano.com

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