Call for social media. Don't be a censorship tool!

Call for social media. Don't be a censorship tool!

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This is an appeal to Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, VKontakte, Yandex, Google

On December 25, Roskomnadzor blocked the OVD-Info website and sent notifications demanding to block our project's accounts on social media.

The demand to block the OVD-Info online content is triggered by us allegedly justifying extremist and terrorist activities. This demand violates all existing legal procedures. This is an open act of censorship that will affect the entire Russian society: millions of Russians use the information provided by OVD-Info, and every day we help them defend their basic civil rights guaranteed by the Russian Constitution.

We urge social networks administration and IT platforms not to become a tool of censorship and not to block the accounts of public organizations!

Censorship is old news in Russia. The day before blocking the OVD-Info website, Google and Facebook received billions in fines for refusing to remove our content. This way, the Russian authorities are trying to subjugate the tech giants, which for a long time have not been deleting information about Navalny's "Smart Voting" and rallies unapproved by the Russian government. A few days earlier, the State Duma adopted a law on extrajudicial blocking of information substantiating or justifying extremism and terrorism. The vague language makes it possible to block almost anything without a court decision. In addition, beginning January 1, the largest tech companies are required to open offices in Russia - this creates personal risks of criminal prosecution for their employees.

We express our solidarity with Google and Facebook, which have come under severe pressure from the Russian state. We sympathize with Yandex employees who are also under pressure and were forced to remove the OVD-Info website from their search results. We are all in the same boat, the state is putting pressure both on you and on us

A growing number of media outlets, NGOs, and social movements are recognized as “foreign agents”. Organizations recognized as "foreign agents" receive huge fines, get deprived of donors and advertisers, scale down their activities, and close altogether, while some get forcibly eliminated. In these conditions, the importance of social networks as an independent source of
information is increasing. OVD-Info initiated a campaign to abolish "foreign agents" laws and to end the pressure applied to independent media and NGOs. It was likely that our project was declared a “foreign agent” in response to our active campaigning. 

But in the case of OVD-Info, the actions of the authorities were unprecedented: in addition to being declared "foreign agents", we were also charged with justifying extremist and terrorist activities. Our project has not received any official notifications demanding to remove content that was deemed illegal by the prosecutor's office. Instead, our whole website got blocked. Moreover, after blocking the site, Roskomnadzor demanded Russian and international social networks not only to delete specific posts of OVD-Info but also to completely block the project's accounts. We are confident that this tactic will be used in the future to block access to information provided by other civic organizations

Under the conditions of strict censorship, social networks are the last stronghold of freedom of speech, and for us, it is the only opportunity, to tell the truth about the political repressions taking place in Russia as well as to distribute our legal rights instructions. The blocking of our accounts will deal a serious blow to Russian civil society and lead to irreparable consequences. This blocking creates a new precedent and a new method of censorship on the Russian internet.

Information is a vital need of society. Without free access to it, the economy, science, culture, the state itself, and civil institutions cannot develop. Censorship, which is prohibited by Russian and international law, ultimately threatens the well-being and security of every person. Civil society is inseparable from freedom of speech, and censorship inevitably leads to a flourishing of corruption, propaganda and state violence.

Don't be a censorship tool and defend your freedom of speech!

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0 людей подписали. Следующая цель: 75 000
Когда эта петиция соберет 75 000 подписей, она вероятнее всего станет одной из наиболее подписываемых на на данный момент!