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CA Fish and Game Comm AGAIN Proposes to Allow GPS collars on hounds

Randall Cleveland
Newcastle, CA, United States

Feb 26, 2017 — Once again, we need as many as possible to contact the CA Fish and Game Commission and tell them that GPS collars on hounds, especially to hunt deer is cruel, barbaric, unethical, and is not fair chase.
You can help by taking two steps of action (even one will be greatly appreciated). On October 11, 2017, the FGC will meet in Atascadero, CA, and discuss an amendment to once again allow GPS collars. One step is to email them directly before Thursday, September 28, 5 pm, Pacific Time, at and tell them why GPS collars are the opposite of fair chase and unethical to boot. Dogs should not be doing the work of the hunter, etc. If you submit before 5 pm on Thursday, your message should go to the Commissioners. If you submit later, your email will still be part of the administrative record, but the commissioners will receive it later.
Another step is to sign this petition. The FGC tentatively plans for their final vote to approve or deny the proposed amendment to be in December, but that could change.
Thanks to all have stayed with our effort to stop the unethical and lack-of-“fair chase” practice of hound hunting with GPS collars on dogs. Back in 2016, the CA Fish and Game Comm (FGC) wrongly voted to allow the use of GPS collars and treeing switches (that tells hounders when their dogs have trapped an animal in a tree). A lawsuit was filed, and in public meetings, the FGC admitted it didn’t follow the rules. Subsequently, they started over, and at their April 26 meeting this year, they voted:
1—To bring back the BAN on GPS collars (good),
2—NOT start the ban for a year (so hound hunting with GPS continues--BAD), and
3—To go to “notice” to amend the regulations again to allow the use of GPS collars and treeing switches (which is where we are now--BAD).
With all the electronic advances, including radio telemetry, hunting mammals with hounds does not come close to what “historical” hound hunting was. Allowing GPS dog hunting collars will mean more dogs will be released, both trained and untrained, and will range many more miles from their handlers. This will negatively impact both targeted and non-targeted wildlife and/or domestic animals—not to mention the risks—injuries, fights with other wildlife species, and death—the dogs are subjected to. (See Public Interest Coalition’s Attachment A, page 6, for many such wildlife impacts, online at ).
Should you wish to watch or listen to that agenda item, it is #26. Go to this website:
and click on the tape real icon in front of “Use of dogs for the pursuit/take of mammals or for dog training” Section 265, Title 14, CCR).
It’s Agenda item 13, but it’s between 12 and 13. Watching our articulate and dedicated allies speak was wonderful.
The issue at this time is not to do away with hound hunting of mammals, even though that should be considered by the FGC and/or the CA legislature; but rather the current issue is to NOT allow GPS collars for hound hunting.
We will keep you updated as best we can. Thanks for your continued support and action on this item. It’s not going away and neither are we.

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