Recall All Defective BOSE SoundSport Free Ear-Phones

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All Bose SoundSport Free Units are deemed to be defective out of the factory. Many customers are complaining of the same issues which are listed below:

  • Significant Audio-Video Delay.
  • Left Earbud tends to disconnect with random movements or by covering the right earbud.
  • When the microphone is active, no sound is produced through the left earbud. This renders the unit to be unusable by gamers and more.

There are over 350 replies to a thread on the BOSE official forum which discusses about the issues mentioned in this petition. Even their customer service admits that all truly wireless earphones are susceptible to connectivity issues, which is completely false. Cheap $30 truly wireless earphones from Amazon apparently has better connectivity than these "premium" BOSE earphones.

While a refund is available to some, others do not have this option as they may have bought the units whilst traveling or simply that refund policies do not exist in their country.

We demand that these units are recalled and customers are offered a refund or a working replacement unit that is confirmed to be working.