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Hearthstone for Windows Phone!

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Dear Windows Phone users,

I am sure that a lot of you know / play Hearthstone, a collecting card game by Blizzard Entertainment. I am playing the game since closed beta and I was really disappointed that we didn't receive the game until today.

With continuum coming to Windows 10 and allowing developers to make universal apps for PC, tablet and phone, I thought that it is about time that Blizzard Entertainment goes ahead and makes an universal app for Windows 10. 

PC users would profit from this as much as Windows Phone users since you can acces the game faster. It would be great if you guys could support this petition, even if you do not use Windows Phone, it doesn't hurt to take the time making a lot of people happy.

If you want something, don't just hope that it will happen or other people will do it for you. Go ahead and do something for what you want!


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