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Grant Clemency to Adam Clausen - 213 Years Mandatory Minimum Without Parole For Robbery

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Nearly 17 years ago, my fiance Adam Clausen was sentenced to die in prison, for a string of 9 robberies where no one was seriously injured. Back then, he was just a young, homeless addict who acted primarily out of desperation. Never did he realize that carrying stolen money across state lines and possessing a firearm could subject him to such extreme federal mandatory minimum sentencing laws. Had he been charged in the state, Adam would have likely received 10 to 15 years and already been released from prison. Instead he received 213 YEARS and will inevitably die in there unless he's granted some relief.

Having a loved one serving such a long sentence has added an exorbitant amount of emotional and financial stress on our family. He is not the only one "doing time." We have suffered for nearly two decades and are beseeching compassion and mercy. I would hope the fact that we have stood by Adam's side, in spite of the hardships his sentence has caused our family, is proof alone of Adam's remorse, repentance and his sterling character.

Throughout his incarceration, Adam has been a model inmate. He has not had a disciplinary infraction in over a decade. He has been teaching health and wellness and educational classes since 2001. He has developed a peer-to-peer life coaching program utilizing the facility's connection with the Institute for Life Coach Training. He provides a weekly presentation at Admissions & Orientation. He facilitates classes in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford's "Inside Out" Program. He facilitates the University’s “Victim Impact" class and leads by his example on a daily basis.

Adam has changed history of the Bureau of Prisons by participating in the first ever live video broadcast from a federal prison. He and four other (inmate) teaching facilitators presented live (via video) at the 2015 "National Conference on Higher Education in Prison." The BOP took a leap of faith and allowed Adam to speak on their behalf. He complied with every rule and regulation set by the BOP and received a two minute standing ovation along with much recognition for the BOP's ability to rehabilitate and cultivate former criminals into such sound minded, eloquent, respected men. If awarded a similar opportunity to use his talents, knowledge and influence to help reform the system -- but do it from the “outside-in” -- Adam will make an incredible difference.

Adam's sentence has inspired changes in both of our lives and we have plans of continued support for inmates, their wives, family members and children throughout our work with the 501c3 Non Profit Organization that I founded, Strong Prison Wives & Families, Inc., plus various institutions and reentry offices and organizations that have expressed interest in our initiatives. We have found our lives' purpose through this experience and would love the opportunity for it to expand to its full potential. In order for that to happen, we'll need to be given that chance; the chance to change lives, reduce recidivism and ultimately save taxpayer dollars. Thank you for helping to give Adam, our family and the men and women who need our support that gift.

Adam is featured as one of Can-Do Clemency's "Top 25 Men Deserving Clemency." To read more about Adam, the specifics of his case and all of the positive things he's been doing while incarcerated, click here to visit his website

Please sign and share this petition to show your support and to ask President Obama to grant clemency to a son, nephew, cousin, fiance, and friend who wants to use his experience to assist others and give back to his community. Justice should never be without mercy.

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