Ban Mobile Zoos in Belarus!

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It was a new in the social networks in November 2017 about the arrival in Minsk Tula mobile zoo "Flamingo", that also called "Zoomir" and "Venus". The situation, which was presented to visitors, could shock any normal person. Animals were sitting in small metal cages, where they could do only 1 step from one wall to another. The area of the camel's cage was 15 times less than the norms established by the law!

Then on the initiative of our organization - Center For The Ethical Attitude Towards Nature - journalists, scientists, officials from various ministries were invited to the zoo. Based on the results of the checks, the zoo was instructed to bring the conditions of animal welfare in compliance with the standards and pay fines within 3 months.

After the scandal, this Zoo left Minsk and went on tour through the different cities of Belarus.

In early June 2018, our Center received a complaint from a woman from Svetlogorsk. She was indignant of the terrible conditions and how animals are kept in this zoo: "Great sorry for these animals! Bears and other wild animals are very dirty, not cleaned, not washed and not combed, in terrible condition and exhausted. Ponies all overgrown with coils and wool shreds, dirty ... The worst thing is small cells ... In mobile zoos it is impossible to create conditions for animals. Do something, please!"

Literally the next day our activists went there to see what had changed in the last 9 months. The situation that we saw at the zoo on June 5, 2018, was even worse than we could have guessed: a bear suffering from obesity and shortness of breath is walks back and forth in a cage, the coati goes round and round all the time. Zoologists call this behavior "frustration", it arises from terrible conditions of living. The cell was increased for the camel, but this is still several times less than the necessary norm established by the law.

But the worst situation here is for monkeys. These animals who need movement and communication with the others are compelled to spend their entire lives in meter-long cells with bare walls and floors. They do not have anything: twigs, leaves that could improve their existence a little.

No one animal had a bowl of water, and this despite the fact that the air temperature rose to 30 degrees!

About the one-time feeding we were talking last time, and now everything is as before.

It's simply impossible to look at it calmly.

It is also difficult to realize that in the 21st century when a person has achieved so much with respect to his rights and freedoms, there is no understanding and perception that animals are not things and not a resource, but living individuals like us who have their own needs and interests. Beings who can also rejoice and be happy, but can cry and suffer because of human actions.

Please help stop this cruelty!

Organizations that supported the petition:

Ecological and cultural educational institution "Center for the Ethical Attitude Towards Nature"

Public Association for Animal Protection EGIDA

Public Association for Animal Protection ZOOSVET


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