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Working with NURBS is still awkward due to a number of bugs and restrictions in Softimage and it's SDK.
Since NURBS are and will continue to be a viable geometry type useful for many worflows, they should be subject to an upgrade, which last happened in version 5.0, about 8 years ago!

Improvement list, sorted by importance:
- fix NURBS related bugs as has been reported in the beta,
- support subcurves and subsurfaces in SDK and existing tools - as consistently as polygon islands,
- improve the operator SDK, to allow seamless integration of custom tools, including NURBS,
- add support for NURBS in ICE Modeling,
- add more NURBS tools to allow working on curve/surface topology (attach, cut, weld, etc.), or if this is unfeasible, 3rd party developers should be provided with all SDK  necessities to do so themselves.

Affected areas:
- curve to polygon modeling, like 3D text, logos, mechanical parts, floorplans, cross-sections, spline cages,...
- ICE based procedural modeling and rigging approaches for more complex animations and visualizations,
- better import/editing/modeling of technical geometry like cars, design objects,...

Letter to
Product manager at Autodesk Cory Mogk
Why NURBS should be improved:
First, Softimage users should not be forced to switch to other applications just for basic curve/surface modeling.
Curves in particular, as they represent 2D-geometry, will always be fundamental in 3D graphics.

Second, ICE support for NURBS would lay the foundation for new procedural modeling/rigging workflows that would make Softimage competitive in that field.

Understandably, the Softimage developers are under time and monetarian restictions, so only high priority features get realized, mostly introcuded by bigger studios, and often behind 'closed doors'.
Yet those studios rarely request any NURBS features. The reason might not even be that better NURBS would be useless to them, but because they mostly can choose from a wider variety of tools, and often stick to internal proven workflows.
Yet the other huge part of the userbase, small studios/freelancers, would profit directly from better NURBS, but easily go unnoticed.

Polygon modeling based on curves is an important and reasonable complement to the already good modeling tools in Softimage, but is still unnecessarily complicated and restricted, and this petition is meant to show that the interest is there.
So please improve NURBS again and thus boost Softimage's usability in that area a great deal!
Thank you!

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