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Improve NURBS

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Working with NURBS is still awkward due to a number of bugs and restrictions in Softimage and it's SDK.
Since NURBS are and will continue to be a viable geometry type useful for many worflows, they should be subject to an upgrade, which last happened in version 5.0, about 8 years ago!

Improvement list, sorted by importance:
- fix NURBS related bugs as has been reported in the beta,
- support subcurves and subsurfaces in SDK and existing tools - as consistently as polygon islands,
- improve the operator SDK, to allow seamless integration of custom tools, including NURBS,
- add support for NURBS in ICE Modeling,
- add more NURBS tools to allow working on curve/surface topology (attach, cut, weld, etc.), or if this is unfeasible, 3rd party developers should be provided with all SDK  necessities to do so themselves.

Affected areas:
- curve to polygon modeling, like 3D text, logos, mechanical parts, floorplans, cross-sections, spline cages,...
- ICE based procedural modeling and rigging approaches for more complex animations and visualizations,
- better import/editing/modeling of technical geometry like cars, design objects,...

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