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Russian translation subtitles Persona 5 and please consider releasing Persona 5 for PC

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В России и в странах бывшего СССР много Пользователей PC и фанатов JRPG, в частности серии  Megami Tensei и Persona,мы просим компанию Atlus сделать PC порт Persona 5 и Русскую локализацию.Так как не все фанаты этой серии хорошо владеют иностранными языками. 

In Russia and the
countries former Soviet Union many PC user and JRPG fans and in particular the series Megami Tensei and Persona, we ask the company Atlus (Deep Silver)  to make Russian translation, since not all fans of the series have a good command of foreign languages. Russian language in the world owned 260-million people, making the translation of the game, you can attract and old fans so new audience. Please Atlus(Deep Silver) for Russian fans make Persona 5 with support for Russian language.PS Final Fantasy XV, Tales of Berseria, Nioh will be in Russian language.

I and many others that are fans of yours think that releasing any of your main staple franchises on a platform that most everyone uses would benefit you as a company in the longrun. PC revenue has overtaken console revenue for a long while now in the united states as well as most other countries in the world, excluding japan but as the market for pc gaming is growing, more and more japanese developers are jumping to the pc platform.

Konami just recently stated that the PC is a viable platform to put their games on. Along with this, we are seeing japanese devs other than the ones that make up konami porting games to the platform as well. Namco Bandai, Square Enix, Idea Factory, Platnium Games, Capcom and even the company that owns you, SEGA, have been putting their games on the platform for a while now with overwhelming success. 

As I have stated, PC revenue is currently more than console revenue. Your fans WANT your games to have a wider audience and you will get that wider audience if you port this to the pc platform and distrubution sites like steam. More people will get to enjoy your games and you'll get more money, it's a win-win right?

Your american division has already published a few games on steam such as Abyss oddessy, Rock of Ages, The Cursed Crusade, God mode and more recently, Citizens of Earth so you must already think the PC is a viable platform, atleast your american division does.

 Now here are some things for you as a company to think about:

*You have released Persona 1 on PCs in japan in 1999.

*you have released a PC exclusive MMORPG based on the main series, shin megami tensei: Imagine, in 2007.

*you have also made a pc exclusive shin megami tensei game for PCs in japan called Giten megami tensei for windows 95 or 98 I believe.

*you have released persona Q and persona 4 arena on both a nintendo handheld and a microsoft console (the Xbox, which is a dying system in japan)

*Even if you do have a contract with sony to keep the main series exclusive now, you could wait untill it ends and then port it.


All of this is just to make you CONSIDER releasing it for the PC platform. If you do, you will get alot more money and be better off.

PC gaming may not be a profitable thing in your home country but it's VERY different in the rest of the world. Please stop focusing JUST on Japan.

There is a market for JRPGs on PC seeing as the ys series, hyperdimension neptunia, final fantasy 13, and valkyria chronicles all sold very well on the platform. Resident Evil HD while not a Jrpg, also BROKE sale expectations on steam.

Please consider Atlus.


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