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Ask Walmart to help prevent tons of food from being wasted in the Boise area

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I am high school student at Boise High School. Our student body is involved in trying to make Boise a more sustainable community. We even held a Sustainability Summit during the Spring 2016 semester where I presented on food waste and the significance of “ugly” veggies. Help me make Boise a more hospitable, healthy, sustainable community by signing my petition for Boise area Walmart stores to market and sell “ugly” produce for a reduced price. Over fifty percent of shoppers at Walmart make less than $50,000 annually, and with produce priced outrageously, shoppers with lower incomes will turn their eyes towards cheaper, highly processed foods instead. Meanwhile, forty percent of produce never even hits market because it doesn’t look “perfect.” Walmart has some of the strictest standards when it comes to the looks of their produce. As the population below the poverty line swells, we continue to throw out billions of pounds of perfectly edible produce. A recent survey revealed that 53,000 tons of food waste is sent to the Ada County Landfill each year, and 17,000 tons of it was deemed edible at the time it was thrown out. That’s 17,000 small cars, or 113 blue whales, of edible food thrown away. Please ask Walmart in our area to fight food waste and hunger by offering healthy “ugly” produce to people who want to eat healthy and respect the planet’s resources.

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