Change Russian Siri trigger command from "Privet, Siri" to "Hey, Siri"

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Dear Apple,

We, millions of your Russian customers, really love Siri.

We use Siri on our iOS and macOS devices everyday, we even use it on HomePods, although they're not officially available in Russia yet.

The most powerful Siri feature is a "Hey, Siri" trigger that allows us to get instant hands-free help like HomeKit accessories and music control, iMessage, etc.

The problem is that Siri trigger prefix sounds like "Privet, Siri" in Russian. Looks like you've just translated "Hey" to Russian and got "Privet", but this word means "Hello".

It's very annoying to greet Siri every time we just want to toggle lights. It sounds even more strange when we go to sleep and say "Hello, Siri! Good night!". English word "Hey" has another meaning like "pay attention to me" that has nothing to do with Russian "Privet'.

Our idea is to use something less formal. We have a Russian word that sounds exactly like "Hey" and means "pay attention to me" too. So it means you just need to change trigger phrase to "Hey, Siri" for Russian language and we'll be happy! It's "Эй, Сири!".

You already trained your neural networks to detect "Hey, Siri" phrase and it can be used for Russian language already.

Please, make our life easier and let us use Siri more and more by simplifying it.

Thanks in advance.

With hopes and dreams,
Your loving Russian customers.