Demand that the Ukrainian government releases journalists

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On Aug. 1, at 2100h, my friend, the Ukrainian journalist Sergey Belous with his colleagues Roman Gnatyuk and Sergey Boyko were arrested at a check point manned by close to Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine. As of Aug. 3, we know that Sergey was alive and in captivity by the Ukrainian national guard. Please contact your Ukrainian embassy to demand the release of Sergey and his colleagues. Even if the Ukrainian government may not like what they write, Ukrainian authorities should not prevent the work of journalists.If anyone needs to get in touch with me, I am available 24 a day on my Serbian mobile +381 628 406 604. More information available in my article Sergey Belous missing in Donetsk. When you sign this petition, a letter of protest will automatically be sent to the Ukrainian embassies in the USA, United Kingdom, France, Norway, Croatia and Serbia.

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