stop overpopulation

stop overpopulation

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population growth:

70 percent of the earth's surface is now determined by humans and land use does not end. More than 7.6 billion people currently inhabit the earth. The world population grows by more than 08,000 people in one hour.

Every year, the world population increases by more than 80 million. 80 million, which roughly corresponds to the population of Germany.

In this time, humanity is consuming more and more resources, at the expense of the animals. Worldwide, the stock of wild vertebrates has declined by 60 percent since 1970.

Ecological footprint:

Environmental problems and the global ecological footprint of mankind, which is already too high in areas such as land use, oil consumption, overfishing, deforestation, water consumption or pollutant emissions, are also linked to the growth of the world population.

Land consumption:

Buildings, traffic routes, mining areas, storage areas, industrial estates and agriculture lead to a direct loss of soil and habitats. Sealed area is largely lost as a habitat for animals and plants. Traffic routes cut up habitats and hinder the migration of animals. In addition, further areas are being devalued by human activities, which also endangers the survival of some animal species. Land use and landscape fragmentation are the main causes of species extinction due to population growth or overpopulation.

Scarcity of resources:

Scarcity of resources is caused by a growing world population. A growing world population also needs growing resources that are growing as fast as the population or faster than the population. However, the earth's natural resources are not growing fast enough to supply the entire world population. This is because the world population continues to grow, consuming resources that are becoming even scarcer. Conclusion: The world population is growing and the earth's resources are shrinking. This causes problems such as poverty, environmental degradation and the extinction of species.

Alone to feed the current world population, we would need more food by 2050 than we have produced in the past 10,000 years.

Worldwide, more than 780 million people are suffering from hunger.

Report from the United Nations Environment Programme:

The UNEP report on the United Nations Environment Programme also expects that the negative impact of agriculture on the environment will increase in the future due to population growth and the associated increase in consumption of animal products.


Germany must now begin to take the subject of population growth as very important. Germany is an important country in world politics and thus Germany can also be a role model.

The following topics have to be dealt with on the topic of population growth and measures have to be taken:

Theme - Politics: The subject of population growth must be in politics. This means that the issue needs a lot of political work and a regular political conference on the subject.

Topic - Species extinction: Action against species extinction must be carried out and promoted by the state.

Topic - Prosperity of the people: Measures for more skyscrapers and higher dwellings which save space in the environment and are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Topic - Participation in politics: Organizations and researchers who are the protagonists of the environment, nature and species protection as well as the population must have a great deal of political participation. The population must be well informed and allowed to participate.

Topic - Population: The population must be greatly reduced, or measures must be taken to reduce the population.

Support this petition for the topic of population growth to come into politics.


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