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Appeal to the media to confirm Christopher Allen was a journalist

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Christopher Allen, who was killed in South Sudan on 26 August 2017, was a freelance journalist published by such international outlets as Al Jazeera, The Independent, Diplomatic Courier, Kyiv Post, The Maghreb and Orient Courier, The Pennsylvania Gazzette, The Telegraph, Toronto Star, Vice News, and Ukrainian Echo.

He has been providing rich and unique on-the-ground reports from war torn Donbas, Ukraine since 2014, as well as he has been reporting on the issues of corruption and press freedom in Ukraine.

His work contributed to the information available for the public about one of the most important geopolitical challenges in Europe, as well as it contributed to the readership of all the above mentioned outlets.

We, the international in house and freelance journalists, find it unacceptable that the government of South Sudan claims Christopher Allen was not a journalist and justifies his killing.

We appeal to all outlets Allen worked for to issue statements confirming their cooperation with Christopher Allen in the scope of South Sudanese or other projects. At the same time, we also ask the international community to condemn South Sudan’s government attack against freelance journalists and, hence, the free press in the world.

//photo by Ryan Lucas - Henderson

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