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Lybia should answer for its slavery actions. African Union, SADC take immediate action.

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First of all Africa is a continent of wealth and the world over knows that. As a continent we have suffered a great deal at the hands of colonialism, then slavery, then being ripped off of everything she holds dear our precious minerals and raw wealth. Lybia is capturing black immigrants and enslaving them on the  continent. That is so ludicrous, that it has been let to go on for a while now and no one seems to care. Lybians forget that they are originally not pure bread African's if truth be told. But their actions to date must and will be answered. African Union we ask you to do your job as you did in DRC a couple of years ago. Intervene. We need all those captured and enslaved to be freed by your hand the African Union, not by meetings and agendas as u usually do. We demand answers and action. We also ask that the United Nations take part too in this process to help get all those enslaved Africans back to their homes and freed from such. The world stood and fought against Hitler, what makes this behaviour by Lybians any different. We as Africans and the world demand that the body's put in place to protect human integrity, human life and rights do as they pledged. Lybia slave trade must be shut down. And a clear message must be sent that it will not be tolerated. I call upon SADC, African Union and the United Nations to not sit and wait for meetings to happen so as to decide what to do. The evidence is clear and it is there, we need action. Free the immigrants in Lybia. This is the job of the world Union's that stand for peace and human rights.  Lybia should be brought to Justice and should answer for her actions and those evolved should stand trial. There needs to be a consequence for slavery, and it begins now, and it stars with me and you taking a stand. Let's share this petition and change the world forever.

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