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Showing the playerbase of FantasyTennis2 for a possible relaunch!

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Years and months have passed and nothing happened.
We gave our hope to other people to start FantasyTennis2 over again but it is in Vain.
Many Options, Opportunities and Solutions failed and there is almost no believe left that FantasyTennis2 will be playable again.

No Files, No Server, No Players?
Maybe we can take the last step and show the greatness of our will by giving the companies a sign that we are truly here, that we still want this game and we have hope. Sign the Petition to show how many we are!

Can we, the company, still make money out of it?
Probably, we have many people willing to donate alot of money and many people organizing on the Facebook Page (1300+)  and the Discord Server (200+) to gather information to play the game once again.

If there is a intial money donation goal needed to launch the game please mention it...


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