Add Old School/New Haircuts for WWE2K19

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Hi, i will get straight to the point. For those who have been antecipating on 2K's newest release of the WWE's video game series, being that new released named "WWE2K19". Will be quite disappointed with this year's creation suite, mainly the hair style options.

Now, as you can tell from the name of this petition. Me and a few other people are quite disappointed with this and we want change, don't get me wrong, we the fans have to appreciate the amount of work from the 2K and Yukes's developers, and well, having a time limit of basically a year to develop a new game is quite a hard job and for that we must applause them for giving us a proper and functional game every year (except WWE2K15 but that doesn't count, lol.).

With that said and done, we would really love and admire the gesture of you (2K & Yukes's developers) to bring us even more options for hair styles. Don't get us wrong, there are a load of hair options in this year's game, but the problem really isn't about the amount but more about the "usability", you see there are barely any new short hair cuts, which are the hair cuts that people use most.

So, has a fan of this series i would like to you to add the following hair cuts into the creation suite for "Create a Superstar" in WWE2K19:

  • All the old gen hair cuts from WWE2K14;
  • Shinsuke Nakamura's hair cut;
  • The Miz's 2010 & Current haircuts;
  • AJ Style's hair cut;
  • Every Daniel Bryan and Bryan Danielson's hair cuts;
  • Akira Tozawa's hair cut;
  • Roderick Strong's hair cut;
  • Andrade Cien Almas's hair cut;
  • Johnny Gargano's hair cut;
  • Kyle O'Reilly hair cut;
  • Bobby Fish's hair cut;
  • Hideo Itami's current hair cut;

Well, that's basically it, i really hope 2K and Yuke's see this and actually implement these hair cuts has options on the Create a Superstar feature. Thank you for your attention.