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Petitioning 慰安婦問題展示博物館等 To Museums displaying “The Comfort Women Issue”

慰安婦に関する1944年米軍オフィシャルレポートを展示してください。Please put on display so-called “The US Army Official Report in 1944 related to Comfort Women” in the Museum.

Please put on display so-called “The US Army Official Report in 1944 related to Comfort Women” in the Museum.

 Some people, seriously concerned with “the Comfort Women Issue”, who visited the Museum indicate that one of the most important and reliable primary sources related to Comfort Women is not displayed.

In October 1944, The US Army Force (United States Office of War Information) interrogated 20 captured Korean Comfort Women in Burma and made its report. The report is called “Japanese Prisoner of War Interrogation Report No. 49 (the 1944 OWI PoW Report 49 = The US Army Official Report in 1944, hereinafter referred to as “The Report No. 49”).

The Report No. 49 describes a general life of Comfort Women, how much they were paid, their sentiment to Japanese soldiers and etc.

The Report No. 49 is truly valid since it was made in the middle of wartime and made by the US Army which was the enemy to Japan.

It’s also interesting that The Report suggests how the US Army regarded the human rights of Comfort Women at that time.

The Museum should display “The Report No. 49”.

Without this very primary source, the museum will lose its validity and will be a treasure house of prejudice in exchange.

Relating to the validity of the displays, visitors also indicate that there is no fundamental information such as when, where, by whom with regard to displayed panels and photographs. There is neither evidence nor witness backing up allegations of former Korean comfort women.  One panel quotes Mr. Senda Kako, a Japanese author, for explaining one displayed photograph in the museum. But he has never showed evidences or grounds regarding to his arguments.

For the validity of the museum, please show the fundamental information of all the materials. 

* the 1944 OWI PoW Report 49 is easily found on the internet. Otherwise The National Archives at College Park, Maryland, 8601 Adelphi Road College Park, MD 20740-6001 USA, provide a copy of the original.

(extract of the Report)

“The report shows how the Japanese recruited these Korean "comfort girls", the conditions under which they lived and worked, their relations with and reaction to the Japanese soldier, and their understanding of the military situation. 

A "comfort girl" is nothing more than a prostitute or "professional camp follower" attached to the Japanese Army for the benefit of the soldiers. The word "comfort girl" is peculiar to the Japanese. Other reports show the "comfort girls" have been found wherever it was necessary for the Japanese Army to fight. This report however deals only with the Korean "comfort girls" recruited by the Japanese and attached to their Army in Burma. The Japanese are reported to have shipped some 703 of these girls to Burma in 1942.”





この報告書は「日本人捕虜尋問報告第49号」(1944 OWI PoW Report 49 = 1944年米軍オフィシャルレポート、以下「第49号レポート」と言う)という表題になっています。この第49号レポートは慰安婦の一般的生活、いくら彼女らが稼いでいたか、彼女らは日本兵士をどう思っていたか等が書かれています。第49号レポートは非常に正当性のあるものです。と言うのも、正に戦争中書かれたものであり、日本の敵国であるアメリカが書いたものであるからです。又、興味深いことに、このレポートにより、当時の米軍が慰安婦の人権についてどう捉えていたかも推察できます。







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