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Protect kids from weapons and nukes! 子どもを守るため兵器と原子力を全世界で禁止してほしい


Countless number of innocent children have been killed everyday somewhere in this world due to some use of weapons. For the victims and their families,  excuses such as "by mistake" or "for the peace of the future" made by any government or so-called terrorists would not make any sense. 

In addition, nuclear power which emits radioactive materials massively in case of accidents should also be banned worldwide.  Children and future generations are the most vulnerable to radiation and we all know the consequences of radiation hazards, from Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, and now from Fukushima. (As for Fukushima issue, please sign this petition to evacuate kids

To terminate such endless tragedies worldwide, now we need some drastic paradigm shift.  We should call for the total ban of manufacturing/transporting/selling/buying weapons and nuclear power toward the related companies and the United Nations.

Most nations in the world ban manufacturing/transporting/selling/buying drugs which damages one's health and life.  Then it should be legitimate to ban weapons and nuclear power that may damage countless people's health and lives. 

Dear citizens of the world, let's raise our voice toward the United Nations and military/nuclear related companies to ban manufacturing/transporting/selling/buying weapons and nuclear power to protect our kids and future generations! 












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  • UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon
    国連及び軍事・原子力関連企業 (UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon)

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