It demands that a flag of the Rising Sun is restored. World of Warships 旭日旗削除問題に於ける改善要望

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Wargaming社が運営しているオンラインゲーム【World of Warships】に於いて、旧日本海軍の軍艦旗であり海上自衛隊の自衛艦旗でもある旭日旗が、戦前戦後を通して何ら違法であるとの裁定が下されていないにも関らず、韓国人ユーザー達とWargamingKorea社による一方的な主張により、正当な理由も無くゲーム内から不当に削除されました。




前回の要望先はWargaming Group Limited, でしたが、今回の署名活動は日本支社であるウォーゲーミングジャパン株式会社を要望先としています。




In the online game, World of Warships, presented by Wargaming Group Limited., the flag of the rising sun, the Naval Ensign of the former Japanese Navy and that of the current navy(Maritime Self-Defense Force) has been unreasonably eliminated due to the claims of Korean users and Wargaming Korea, despite the flag has never been ruled out as illegal before and after the war.

We, Japanese users, who would like the rising sun flag back to the game make a serious protest against the fact that Wargaming Group Limited., eliminated the flag of the rising sun without notifying Japanese users or having hearing from us, only listening to the users of a specific country, and demand Wargaming Japan co. Ltd. improvement of this problem including the restoration of the flag of the rising sun.

Please note that a similar petitioning has been carried out by another person in the past.

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At that time, the petition was sent to Wargaming Group Limited, but this time, we are sending it to its Japan branch, Wargaming Japan co. Ltd.

We have made this decision as we believe we should not be able to convince the headquarters if we cannot even convince the branch in our own country.

In order to have Wargaming Japan Inc. listen to our voice, we would like to ask for your help in the petition.

I am proud of the Rising Sun Flag.

It is a symbol of those marines of the former Japanese Imperial Navy who fought risking their lives to protect their country, families, girlfriends and friends, and of those battleships they entrusted with their lives.

In the same way, I, therefore, respect the marines of the Allied Forces’ Navy that fought on board and their battleships that defeated the former Japanese Imperial Navy.

This is the feeling only shared with the peoples of those countries who actually fought each other.

That is why I find it difficult to accept the one-sided insistence of Korean users who insist to eliminate the Rising Sun Flag as it is a symbol of the militarism.

Their claims and the responses of Wargaming Public Co. Ltd. are something to wrongly dishonor the flag and the former Japanese Imperial Navy.

Disparaging those who fought against a country enormously powerful to protect their country and beloved families must be stopped.

In order to have Wargaming Japan Inc. listen to our voice, we would like to ask for your help in the petition.

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