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“I’ll Always Love You, Partner!” Police Horses Sent to Slaughter???

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I have in my possession a list of some 30 names, inventory numbers and descriptions of horses which have served with faith and honor in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia all their horsey lives.

All of them are potentially on death row.  You have to understand, these are not horses specially bred for human consumption, not at all.  What’s more, they aren’t even old nags, but middle-aged horses.  Horses live around 25-30 years.  Horses 10 or 18 years old prevail in this list.

We can only guess what the financial institution “Central Regional Management of Material-Technical Supplies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia” was thinking, writing off these horses.  There’s no doubt that they have been dropped, because my source, who wanted to remain anonymous, provided an inventory list of the

horses, plus all the horses from this list have been moved to different places and have not been given the vaccines required for all patrol horses. 

There is not one site or portal that provides information about the further use of these animals, and I am guessing that they are being sold  as малоценку, taking into account depreciation, while the people, hardworking folks, ordinary cops who have worked with these horses for years have fallen into debt, taken out credit, and honestly waited for a chance to buy their loyal fighting partners.

All in all some sort of total monopolist in the sphere of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs asset realization services, Vadim Ravilevich Mavlyutov, the owner of a completely unremarkable firm Ivilon LLC (392007 Tambovskaya Region, Tambov city, Proletarskaya Street 100 building A), with authorized capital of 10,000 rubles, as if by magic received the chance to realize 15 whole lots of assets being sold by the Ministry of Internal Affairs all over Russia (https://www.roseltorg.ru/procedure/COM03081700017


Dear Vladimir Aleksandrovich!           

Do I even need to comment????  We can close our eyes to some things, but in this case that is beyond cynical!  You yourself climbed all the steps of the police hierarchy.  And who if not you can hear the voices of and help your colleagues and subordinates?

I demand that the signing of the agreement with Ivilon LLC be delayed until an assessment of the legality and justification of the realization of the horses and lack of violations of antimonopoly law regarding selection of the provider of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs asset realization is carried out.

Additionally, I want to receive exhaustive information about where exactly in our open-source informational-telecommunication networks information about the realization of patrol horses was located, who carried out appraisal of these assets and how.

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