Help a non for profit Triathlon club stay family & community focused

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Casey ARC has made a decision to move Casey Cardinia Triathlon Squad's lane avaliability from 6:30-8pm Tue and Thur night to 8-9:30pm. This is not suitable for our family oriented non for profit club. It is not in line with child safe practices or in developing performance athletes or equally promoting community participation in sport. Our swim squad ages are from 9 to 50 years old, with 60% children and a number of parents & their children swimming together.

To influence a new decision to be made by YMCA and Casey ARC to continue to provide lane availability at 6:30-8pm - as it has been for over 10 years. The decision has not followed due diligence or their written frameworks and policies - which should have allowed community participation in the decision. We believe we have a strong case to overturn the decision with community support based on the City of Council strategic engagement policies..

Casey Cardinia Triathlon Squad (CCTS) is a non for profit club in Victoria, Australia. We value community and families coming together in sport with a dedicated youth squad. We are a small growing club engaged in our community. We value community, balance, respect and integrity. We aim to thrive and inspire others.