Abuse of Retail Staff Must Stop - Demand Woolworths Take Action

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Workers in retail and fast food are subjected to outrageous behaviours including assaults, threats and abuse. We're not paid to cop it - and our employers should be stopping it. They have a duty of care to us and to other customers.

Woolworths doesn't take safety seriously. Despite workers being assaulted, threatened and abused, Woolworths won't put security in stores that need it desperately. 

Loukas, Sarah and over 50 workmates signed a petition in June demanding security guards be employed at their store in Moorabbin, Victoria, to stop the attacks. It followed a spate of assaults on staff. However Woolworths has done the sums and decided security guards just aren't worth it - putting Loukas, Sarah and their workmates at risk again.

All the attacks were reported to management and often staff were required to stay at work after being assaulted. Staff have to follow up police without support and in their own time. Many workers, including teenagers, are deeply affected by behaviour that Senior Management have never experienced and would never accept in their own workplaces. Offenders are often not banned from stores and without security there is no effective way to stop them returning. 

Offenders need to change their behaviour but we cannot lose another generation to workplace abuse. Employers are responsible for providing a safe workplace, free from harm. We believe retail and fast food employers can do much more to stop attacks happening in the first place.

If Woolworths took staff safety seriously it would do everything it could to protect staff from attacks. It's time they acted and put worker and customer safety first.