Stop WBWT from evicting VICEC and ensure the lease is under VICEC's name.

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Since 2015, VICEC (Victoria Islamic Cultural & Education Centre) has been running the vital activities and religious events at Sherbourne House. The lease of the place should be under the name of VICEC from its inception but had been wrongfully put in the name of WBWT (Westminster Bangladeshi Welfare Trust). In 2017, after the Charity Commission documented their concerns with the lease an agreement was made between the two charities in order for WBWT to surrender the lease and then have the lease assigned to VICEC. However, WBWT has been stalling and unwilling to take the necessary action for over a year now. Westminster City Council has written to WBWT asking for the situation of occupancy to be rectified. As a result, WBWT has sent formal notice to evict VICEC.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds of public donations to VICEC were spent in the building and upkeep of the centre alongside the multitude of activities that VICEC hosts. Anyone who knows about the centre or regularly attends will find that the centre is a hub of great benefit for the area. The best solution would be for WBWT to hold true to their word and surrender the lease to VICEC. If VICEC were to be removed, the great progress and benefit to the community that comes from the centre and those who run it, will cease to exist. Please show us support by signing this petition to stop WBWT evicting VICEC and get them to surrender the lease to VICEC.

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