Warner Bros. - Keep Henry Cavill as Superman!

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We the undersigned, with the understandable disappointment of Justice League at the box office and film, request that Henry Cavill be retained as Superman. Regardless of Warner Bros. plans to "reboot", scrap, or alter the DC Cinematic plans, Henry's passion for the character would be a major loss to fans worldwide if he was removed. The man IS Superman!

It's clear that WB hasn't fully understood how to execute a winning formula regarding these characters, but to have Henry Cavill be a potential casualty of their lack of vision and proper execution would be a travesty. 

All actors in Justice League are worthy of retaining those characters, but Cavill being the longest standing member of this continuity would strike a terrible loss to fans (and likely Cavill) if WB decides to move in another direction. 

Please let our voices be heard that Cavill, whether you liked him in all 3 movies or just 1, is EXACTLY the Superman that we (and Warner Bros.!) needs.