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Fixing the rural roads.

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A month ago I got my Probationary 1 licence. It was exciting at first. I loved the freedom and the excitement of travelling and going to catch up with friends. Up until I cracked 3 rims in several places and had to spend a few hundred dollars on new rims and tyres all within THE FIRST MONTH of getting my licence.
I loved the excitement of having my first car and my only worry being fuel. Now not only do I worry about kangaroos, but I worry about everyday possibly dying or causing a serious crash due to the disgusting conditions of these roads.
I am absolutely mortified at the state of the rural Victorian roads.
Before I got my licence I used to hear everyone complaining about the state of the roads and the pot holes, I was a naïve girl who didn’t worry because it wasn’t my car and I wasn’t driving.
Now it is a completely different story.
I study an hour away in a different town and I travel many days a week to get there. At 6;00 in the morning one thing you don’t want to have to worry about if the road conditions.
Constantly swerving onto the other side of the road, or slowing down to almost walking pace in a matter of seconds to go through a pot hole when there is oncoming traffic.
Coming back in the dark is even more of a horror story. Using your headlights and high beams, trying to see the road, then dimming your high beams when incoming traffic is coming, only to find yourself a meter deep in the road with a flat tyre coming out of it.
The signs that warn you about a “rough surface” simply isn’t enough. These holes aren’t small either, they can’t simply be dodged with a quick motion of the wheel. These holes are humungous and deep, and span from anywhere to a few potholes surrounding each other, to a very large strip of torn up bitumen.
I shouldn’t have to cut visits with friends short and be worried about my trips home simply because of some holes in the road that should not even be there in the first place.
It is understandable with a few, but several very very deep holes all within a matter of a few kilometres is atrocious.
We are working and studying people trying to better the world, who pay taxes and rego to be treated like this. Where is the fairness?
Putting your life and potentially others lives in danger to avoid very large holes and “rough surfaces” isn’t good enough. Why is everyone waiting until it is too late? Why are we waiting until more lives are taken from us?
Australia is all about being safe at work, what about these thousands of poor truck drivers who have to deal with this issue every day. These roads are their workplace, they drive on these roads day in and day out. How safe is their workplace? Not at all.
This isn’t something beyond our control. If we can control and fix this life threatening problem then why aren’t we?

It’s time to do something about this. Myself and many other Victorians do not deserve this.

So please sign this petition to raise awareness and get this problem solved.

I am not asking for pity or sympathy. I simply want everyone to have the hassle free life of traveling safely and have a happy driving experience getting to places ALIVE.

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