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Save Main Channels-Don't let Spectrum/Viacom drop them!

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When I switched on Comedy Central to watch Scrubs this morning, I SAW AN ANNOYING MESSAGE THAT said "Spectrum is about to drop this channel and 22 more". I was getting worried and concerned even after I did research on who was getting dropped, that fear turned to rage when I saw Spectrum threatened to get rid of CMT, CMTMusic, Nickelodeon, TeenNick, Nick2, MTV, MTV2 and Comedy Central along with other channels.

This deeply enraged me! HOW DARE THAT SPECTRUM THREATEN TO drop those channels-Those are like the main channels that everyone checks out, BUT ALSO THE CHildren too! IF THEY DROP THOSE CHANNELS, how will children get this cartoon fix?? How will they watch their educational shows that help them grow? How will fans of shows like Mysticons, Power Rangers, Welcome to the Wayne and Spongebob and Turtles get their fandom fix? 

This will not stand I tell you! I DON'T CARE EVEN IF IT'S THE week of Friday the 13th! Disney dropped the Gigantic movie project, I WILL NOT LET SPECTRUM DROP THESE MAIN CHANNELS! I will not stand for anymore bad luck to strike to us Customers of Spectrum!

SO I am issuing a petition to save our precious channels from the greedy, tyranical hands of Spectrum! Please share this around if you care about keeping your channels-especially those that your children watch! WE NEED TO fight back and show Spectrum what happens when they cross the line!

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