Say "NO" to the Village of Pemberton's Proposal to Re-Zone the Downtown area

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Proposed Village Bylaw #832, 2018 prohibits these businesses from operating as per usual after 40 years in the same well known location.

Valley Chainsaw and Black’s Hot Wheels are uniquely Pemberton, nowhere else can you shop for your groceries, do your banking, pick up your mail, browse the downtown stores, grab lunch at a downtown café and at the same time bring your recreational vehicle, lawnmower, or automobile in for servicing.  

In downtown Pemberton, we truly have one stop shopping - you drive into the core, park your car, and take care of all your business in one go.  If you don't need to get the car out, most of the community is within walking, cycling, or even a horse ride away from town. This is, of course, what makes the town so vibrant.
Furthermore, with everything in one location, fewer cars are on the road and that means a more sustainable environment with less traffic on the highway driving multiple kilometers around the valley to run a few errands that you can do right now, right here in Downtown Pemberton.  

This is our rural pioneer heritage and reflects our community values from old times to now.  We jeopardize our community identity, our culture, our heritage, and our downtown commerce when we abandon our community vision by selectively choosing which businesses to keep and which to discard by simply re-zoning them out of existence.  The proposed Village Zoning Bylaw does just that - it will cost us our uniquely pioneer heritage with disregard for the past, present, and future.

Please sign your name below if you agree to keeping local businesses local, and in the historic downtown Pemberton.

You can also 
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Mike Richman

James Linklater
Jennie Helmer
Karen Ross
Ted Craddock

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The Village announced on June 12th that they will hold a Public Hearing right away, on June 26th.  After that, the Bylaw may be passed by Council at any time they choose.

Your help is needed by MONDAY JUNE 25TH  
Thank you for your support!

We the undersigned hereby affirm that we wish an amendment be made to the bylaw draft to allow Valley Chainsaw and Recreational Ltd and Black’s Hot Wheels to remain in operation as per usual at their current locations.

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