Return UOS Graduation to Ipswich Town Hall (University of Suffolk)

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This year (2018) graduating students at the University of Suffolk have been told that their final degree ceremony - in October - will take place in a marquee on the Ipswich waterfront, not in the Ipswich Town Hall, as it has done for years.

This is a huge step down from the grandeur and sense of occasion that the Town Hall provides. A marquee, by comparison, is hugely disappointing. It will look and feel like a sub-standard event. 

Many of us at UOS have looked forward, for years, to the proud moments when we stand on the Town Hall steps, degree in hand and cap in the air, celebrating our hard work. 

We have concerns about the visual impact of this relocation. A white 'copy and paste' vinyl marquee is hardly momentous. The aesthetic will be diminished, and the weight of our achievement belittled by this decision. It may also be cold, as the ceremony is in October and marquees are not know for being warm, especially at the end of autumn. 

We expect more. We expected more when we began our studies at the University of Suffolk. No consultation has taken place with the students who will be directly affected by this decision, those who are actually graduating this year, and we feel that this process should have been (at the very least) attempted. It has not. We received one email notifying us of the change, without option for response or complaint.

We are told that it will be beneficial to graduate near the University, yet Ipswich Town Hall is 5/10 minutes walk away so it is hardly very far. 

The Town Hall works are due to be completed by graduation (as has been stated repeatedly in all the local press) so this does not hinder the ceremony taking place there.

We implore you, please return the graduating ceremony for University of Suffolk Students to the Ipswich Town Hall, and mark their great sense of achievement appropriately, with an event that equals those which have gone before.