Repeal Unfair USF Tuition Increase

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USF's Board of Trustees + their recently-released tuition increase of 4.4% to an unreal $65,692 represents an unfair and undue burden on the University's student body, especially our low-income students. 

There was a 2.9% increase in tuition approved last year, which led to few visible, tangible benefits for students in relation to the amount of hardship involved with being able to provide that money. There is no reason to expect that this increase will have tangible benefits to those who are impacted by this the most: namely, their students and their families.

In conjunction with the high cost of living in San Francisco and our already staggering tuition costs, most students work multiple jobs and long hours to sufficiently support themselves. This tuition increase painfully and disproportionately impacts students who are already struggling to keep up with the demands of affording an education and housing at USF. 

Additionally, within the context of the ongoing discussion over a lack of support and adequate resources for part-time faculty, and other issues, this move and it's timing reflect a deep disconnect between the board and the school community that they supposedly serve. 

To this end, this petition requests that the University of San Francisco Board of Trustees immediately repeals this tuition increase and reaffirm their commitment to acknowledging and supporting those who make sacrifices to attend this university. 

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