Create a meditation/prayer room for all to come and reflect (Farish Hall room 140)

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We, along with many other COE (College of Education) faculty, students and staff, are committed to the COE strategic plan strategy of developing a culture of safety, trust and well-being that supports transdisciplinary mission-focused innovation for collective success. Toward this end, Bradley Carpenter and Brad Smith have been promoting daily meditation in the college (i.e., 11:30 on weekdays). A room we are considering is Room 140. This room is controlled by the college, and one of its purposes is to facilitate meetings of student organizations as well as serving as
classroom space.

Another use for this room to promote well-being is to make it available for prayer and wellness activities. Currently Muslim students are praying in hallways or other places in the Farish Hall in a haphazard manner. These prayers only take a few minutes a day, and traveling to another building triples or quadruples the amount required to pray.