Increasing social awareness of the importance of breastfeeding for any length of time

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Aside from one person in my life and my health visitor for a brief period, I only had other moms on my baby apps as a support system when I had my baby and decided that I absolutely wanted to breastfeed. I spent the next 6 months after giving birth dealing with not-so-subtle suggestions from extended family to switch to formula and stop breastfeeding. Hardly ever for any good reason. Occasionally, in the earliest days, the suggestions were because I was exhausted and struggling with latching. The response here should have been encouragement and problem-solving. Not pushing to quit something that’s so beneficial in so many ways. 

If if you CAN breastfeed and you WANT to breastfeed, you should be encouraged to do so. 

When I brought up the topic on one of my baby apps, I was appalled to find that I was not at all alone. Even more sadly, I found that the majority of women who chimes in on the discussion were discouraged from breastfeeding by their own family members. Frequently their own mothers and other women in their families...and as early as three weeks into nursing. Far too early into the process to consider stopping if it’s something you’ve determined to do. 

Most outstanding comment to me was one by a mum who lives in Iceland and said it's common for children there to be breastfed till age 2. That would horrify a lot of Brits from what I hear. 

While it might be a cultural issue, I do believe it is also problem of a lack of awareness. This is easily changeable with a push on education of the benefits of breastfeeding for both mom and baby. It is a worthy cause for governments and non-governmental organisations alike to take on. 

Remember, this is not about forcing moms to breastfeed. It’s about making people conscious of how difficulty it can be for moms to do so and for as long as they would like without being made to feel like they’re somehow offending others. 

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