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UK Border Force: Let Her In - Let Him Be With The One He Loves This Christmas

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The UK border force have yet again made a gross decision and we are hoping that you would agree that this should not be allowed to stand. Sign the petition and help someone have a merry christmas.


Let Her In - Let Him Be With The One He Loves This Christmas


The story begins with a man who is seriously ill. Each day he wakes up feeling worse than the day before. His days are becoming darker and his pain is getting worse. 


One day, he is chatting online to a woman he has just met, she shares the same interest in scifi and both of them begin to work together trying to save their favourite TV show. 3500Km seperates them but together the work on a multilingual site to give information to other fans. 


He is housebound due to his illness but finds out he is not so unhappy as he once was because each and every day he is able to talk to the woman he has this strong connection with. They share everything about their day, tell each other even their deepest secrets. She literally pulls him from the dark, she keeps him sane and she keeps him from falling off the metaphorical precipice. 


Each day the two become more and more unseperable and they both feel the same connection.


After around 6 months the man decides he feels extremely strong about this woman, so he decides its time to take and chance and he tells the woman how he feels. Being that they share everything, she tells him also that she feels something. 


He decides that its time for the two to meet and so he travels to moscow. He rents an apartment and she stays with him. The pair are unseperable, there is definately a serious connection. The man meets her family, socialises with them. The man meets her friends, visits her university and invites her friends to the apartment for a get together.


Everything goes well, he begins to learn a little russian to communicate with her family and to be able to speak to those around him.


Its a perfect time together, it feels so right because it is just that - meant to be!


The L word is finally uttered and a full on relationship has blossomed.


19th of December 2012 would be the 6th month anniversary. He plans with her to get her to Scotland to be with him. So they can spend his birthday, christmas and new year together. He plans to have her stay with him at the family home. 


The family support the visit (for 2 weeks) and all write letters of support and indicate that they would financially support her for the two weeks if needed.


The family supply financial documents and records to the UKBA.


The womans brother writes to the UKBA from russia providing a supporting letter and of course financial sponsorship.


She has minimal expenses, no food or rent required, all she requires is a bit of pocket money to spend while in Scotland.


She presents copies of her course, study and time off request for her university to the UKBA to prove that she is returning on January 3rd to moscow to resume her studies. She has never had a criminal record. She is as low risk as they come. Shes staying with UK citizens and she has committments to return to. 




The UKBA took her money for the visa application (£120) - they made her wait 15 days and then they told her to come to the other side of moscow to be told DENIED.


This is a genuine relationship and a genuine application for someone to visit the family of the man who loves her. How is it possible that the UKBA be allowed to tear apart loved ones during the festive period. Its scandalous and it is wrong and it should be challenged.


Those who know me know that I do not readily put my feelings on paper like this so you can understand that I am extremely upset at the minute.


I would hope that anyone who believes in social justice would sign this petition.

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