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STOP the Graham-Cassidy Bill (Trumpcare) from becoming Law

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  Throughout my entire young life, the family I grew up among has been impacted by serious chronic illness. When I was six years old, I learned that my mom was diagnosed with HIV and my dad with AIDS. Without programs like Medicaid, my parents would not have survived. It is now more important than ever that we safeguard our civil rights. I, a young millennial leader, call on our Congressional Leadership to STOP this cowardly attack on our most vulnerable fellow citizens, both older and younger, who have relied on the life-saving components of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). I call on Congressional Leadership and the President to STOP this heinous assault on the indisputable welfare of all Americans.

  As this health care debate continues, I am reminded just how my parents were given compassionate and resolute medical care that they rightly deserved as human beings. My parents have made it this far, but they still suffer with the daily symptoms associated with their chronic illness. They suffer just as so many of our citizens do throughout our country.

  I have deep concerns regarding the far-reaching negative consequences that will arise as a result of repealing the ACA. Medicaid expansion and other vital provisions such as the protection of women’s reproductive health through the ACA proved that all of us matter in this health care debate. And now with repeal and replace, millions of our fellow citizens (wives, husbands, mothers, daughters, sons, aunts, uncles and grandparents) will be left behind with restricted access and much uncertainty.

  The American people do not wish to play this life-threatening political game built on a fraudulent and self-imposed mandate that never existed. We do not deserve to live in fear. We are tough, resilient and willing to engage our elected officials every step of the way to prohibit these harmful acts that violate public trust. More importantly we stand in solidarity ready to invoke our unrelenting, yet warm-hearted leadership. It is our collective voice that will prevail over the camouflaged discrimination and hate imbedded in this bill.

  With the looming repeal of the ACA, our country’s sickest individuals will lose the most. Furthermore proving exactly why the ultimate decision does not solely reside in our lawmaker’s hands. We must continue to galvanize public sentiment to reject this newly formulated bill, that does not uphold our nation’s best interest. STOP repeal and replace. SIGN this petition to STOP the Graham-Cassidy Bill (Trumpcare) from becoming law. At this moment in our nation’s history, all voices are important.


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