Defending our right to be safe on Twitch.

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March 13, 2018


Twitch Interactive, Inc.

c/o Corporation Service Company

2710 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 150N

Sacramento CA 95833.

Re: Issues with user names and ban avoidance by viewers

We, the undersigned, are writing to Twitch Interactive, Inc., to express our concern with recent events regarding viewers who harass streamers up to and including bragging about using a vpn to avoid bans, using offensive handles, and threatening to doxx streamers.

Over the past 5 weeks, there have been repeated and reported instances of users who violate channel chat rules, are banned, and then host and follow the same channel with offensive, obscene, harassing, threatening, inflammatory, and objectionable usernames. Some of these names have also bragged about using a vpn to avoid bans, and other exploitations to side-step security and rule-enforcing systems. Upon request by verified Twitch staff, a list of these names to date will be made available.

Many people have been reporting these usernames, and banning them from individual channels as the harassment occurs. The lack of global mods hampers the response of streamers and their mods, as the time needed to ban a name from one channel is greater than the time needed for the person to hop to a new channel and harass another streamer.

We make the following requests:

i) hold usernames to the same decency standards as stream content and stream titles, so that a streamer who is abiding by the terms of service does not have reason to worry about obscene, harassing, threatening, inflammatory, or objectionable usernames interfering with the stream repeatedly, ideally before the name is finalized and can follow, chat, or host;

ii) adjust the service so that a user who is banned from a particular channel is not able to host or follow that channel so that a streamer who is abiding by the terms of service does not have reason to worry about continual harassment from one ; and

iii) establish a method to suspend an end user after repeated violations of ban evasion, offensive usernames, and harassment;

iv) adjust host settings so that an account must be 72 hours old to host a channel.

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