Make Life Jackets Mandatory in Canada for Kids in Small Vessels

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IT IS NOT THE LAW IN CANADA FOR CHILDREN TO WEAR A LIFE JACKET IN SMALL VESSELS.  298 children have died over two decades.(1) That's an entire elementary school population. Not wearing a life jacket is the number one reason for drownings in boating related fatalities in all age categories above the age of 4.(2) 

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Organizations have been calling for the law to change for many years but the Government has done little. Government funded investments in awareness campaigns are ineffective and children are still dying. This is an issue of boating culture which requires legal intervention to change behaviour, no different from past initiatives requiring young children to travel in car seats, wear bicycle helmets and seat belts. 

Join us in our effort to change the law and keep our children safe on Canada's waterways. 

Because losing one more child is one too many.

(1)The Canadian Red Cross, The Floatation Report, Life Jackets/Personal Floatation Devices and Boating Fatalities in Canada: 20 years of Research, 2016 at p.100.
(2)The Drowning Prevention Research Centre Canada (2018). Canadian Drowning Report, Prepared for the Lifesaving Society Canada at p.10.