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C. J. Ford
Anaheim, CA

Jan 18, 2017 — After a long time involved in putting together a structured news release, ABC released a documentary on Mr. Clair, and our struggle for justice. I personally think that it was a good balance of what has been going on regarding our attack on the justice system, due to prosecution misconduct. I want everyone to make note of statement said by Dan Wagner, especially regarding the 11-year-old which allegedly the DNA was traced to from Fresno. I will be dedicating one of the next update to things that Dan Wagner and the prosecution have said live in the media that are completely false or misleading.

I have to apologize for keeping everyone in suspense for weeks after the January 6 hearing. The defense pulled a surprise on the prosecution by bringing in the first member of Mr. Clair's legal defense. His name is Greg Diamond. The judge was as relieved as much as a defense was in this move. The defense has always known that at some point of time Mr. Clair would be having to retain counsel, and put together a legal team. I will update you on Mr. Diamond and others that will be bought into Mr. Clair’s defense in future updates.

Judge Goethals explained very clearly that there are a couple of pathways that can be taken on this case, and that he did not know whether or not he had jurisdiction to continue unless he had clear findings from the defense and the prosecution on how to proceed. So none of the fireworks that the defense had plan to explode against the prosecution ever ignited in court as expected. The prosecution as always said that they gave the defense all of the discovery that they were entitled to. So now the defense has the job of itemizing each piece of evidence, specifying how that particular piece of evidence is relevant, and why the DA should turn over the results of the testing of each of the items. However, the defense had a big victory because the resentencing has been held off pretty indefinitely until all of this is done.

The saddest part of the ABC documentary is listening to the daughter of the victim Linda Rodgers. I am very sympathetic for the loss of her mother, and the fact that the family had resolve these issues in the past when Kenneth Clair was convicted in 1985. However, I believe that Kenneth Clair has suffered even longer for something that he didn’t do, and has lost a lot more than the victim's family realizes. Kenneth Clair has been taken apart in pieces every year that he has been incarcerated for something that he didn't do. Meanwhile, the prosecution sits back, plays manipulative games, and protects the real killer or person of interest. This person could have killed other people liked Linda Rodgers. This person could be dead now, or in custody, and the prosecution feels that the pain of the family of the victim, the pain that Mr. Clair has endured being in custody most of his life, is “irrelevant” as long as they win, no matter what the cost. This is why I have always said that the prosecution in this matter is perverted, corrupt and evil and should be punished to the greatest extent of the law.

If you notice the only thing that the prosecution is trying to do is to avoid giving the defense the means of solving the case, and tying the right person to the murder. The prosecution does not care about unilateral suffering of either the Rodgers family, or Mr. Clair. This is a sad commentary for the future of the justice system unless we do something about it, “now”!

I will be updating again very soon regarding the upcoming court date, the new attorney, and all of that information, however, I want you to take the time to really look at that video. I need your comments on the issue today which is the “victim's daughter comments”. The victim’s daughter appears to be in obvious pain and to me appears to think that our quest to clear Mr. Clair is just nonsense and disruptive to her family and her mother’s memory. So I guess the question is:

“How would you feel if you were in the same situation as victims daughter and her family has been in, having resolved this issue decades ago, and now facing a possible reality that the person that they have hated all these years did not commit the crime at all”.

All your comments are welcome. Please also comment to ABC on their story.


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