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C. J. Ford
Anaheim, CA, United States

Nov 22, 2016 — NOV 21, 2016 — Supporters, it is finally happening! The Kenneth Clair Rally, the second in a series is going to be at Santa Ana College, at 1530 W. 17th St. in Santa Ana, CA 92706. It will be from 10 AM- 2:00 PM. It is going to be held in the Phillips Hall Theater. We are continuing our journey into this historic campaign to bring awareness in regards to the crumbling and corrupted justice system.

At our rally we are going to have people speaking who are professionals in their fields, and organizations, to review how the justice system was set up and its intent. So we will be taking a trip back into the way the system was founded, and what it has turned out to be nowadays. You will be surprised how humble and fair the system started out, and how unethical practices started to engulf the courts and the attorneys. The system changed from being honorable and fair, to unethical and corrupt with the theme of "Win At All Cost".

We have gone from a system that the Prosecutor having the obligation of turning over all discoverable, and exculpatory evidence to a system of " I Will Give You Only What I Want". Many times the defense is unaware of investigative remedies, when the prosecutor does not even let them know everything that the prosecution has discovered. This balance is essential to assure every American a 6th and 14th amendment rights to "Due Process of Law". This violation of a person's civil rights and constitutional law has caused thousands of people to be incarcerated, and thousand more people to take deals for crimes that they had not committed. It has also contributed to the mass production of private jails and detention centers to house them in.

We are standing steadfast on the innocence of Kenneth Clair, and all of the people out there who have been or are in the same position of Kenneth Clair. We must stand together to stop this right now! We have to send the message out to judges that they run their courtroom, not the prosecution. We have to make sure that there are laws in effect to punish prosecutors severely, including criminal action, for violating the most sacred right of our freedom.

Any of us can get into a situation such as Kenneth Clair. We might have a friend or a family member that their rights are violated so severely and so unnecessarily, and takes away their liberty and freedom and the right to due process of law. So we are all in this together now, and we must continue to move forward together.

I am asking that each supporter find others to immediately sign our petition. I would like everyone to put this announcement of the rally out on their Facebook and social networks so we can have a really good turnout. Even if you can't be there, the fact that you have gotten additional people to sign the petition, or if you contributed financially, you have greatly contributed to the cause.

We are standing together as one, and we are moving forward towards victory. If you have followed this petition from the beginning, knowing what was going on before you signed, and what is going on now, you will see that we have moved forward and have jumped over many hurdles as we are heading towards the finish line.

So, take a moment in this time of Thanksgiving to pray for your families and friends, for all of the Kenneth Clair's, and if you and yours have managed to escape unfair prosecution it continues to stay away from your inter circles. Any comments would be appreciated.

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