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C. J. Ford
Anaheim, CA

Nov 14, 2016 — There has been a lot to update lately, so let me itemize it, without making this a long update.

Friday, October 14, 2016 Kenneth Clair’s case was heard in Orange County Superior Court, C45. Clair release his court appointed attorney, and temporarily went on Pro Per Status. Clair made this move so that he could attempt to get his discovery that has been in possession of all of his various counsels. Clair also turned down the efforts of the court to appoint new counsel. Clair wants to explore the avenue of actually interviewing and hiring his own counsel.

While Clair has had Pro Per status, I have worked closely with Clair to find new counsel to interview, and we have worked on a discovery motion that was to be heard on November 10, 2016. Clair’s other pro per motions that would allow me to assist him as his investigator on record were successful and now I have contact with Clair in the attorney room. All of our other meetings were in visiting areas over the phone. Now once the order is signed, we have gained confidential visits, face to face, I can even bring in my laptop to view important documentation.

WE SCORED A BIG VICTORY IN COURT ON NOVEMBER 10, 2016. The defense discovery motion was granted by the court and the district attorney was ordered to give me all the discovery on the case for future investigation within 15 days. The DA was not too happy about the ruling because the DA has had the luxury all these years of withholding exculpatory evidence trying to protect their “Win At All Cost” strategy. So I can tell you that the “DNA IDENTITY” which our petition has targeted will be investigated thoroughly, if the DA actually turns it over. I do not expect the DA to turn DNA part of the discovery over to me, and you can expect that the defense will be asking for not only sanctions but criminal prosecution.

The search for future counsel for Mr. Clair is going along well. Mr. Clair never expected to handle his own defense, but needed this leeway to get his discovery and to get new counsel. Whatever counsel that Mr. Clair hires will include me as part of the legal team. The DA is getting so desperate now that they have started a campaign crying that our petition and efforts and the media is against them. It sounds kind of ironic, but the DA is saying that we are misleading people, and so is the media, and somehow we are all in cahoots.

But the truth of the matter is that the DA has taken such an unrealistic position to win this case instead of doing their job. Any media that has talked to me, has talked to the DA too. I just believe that “The People” no longer support the reasons that the DA is coming up with to not to review this case. The DA’s job is to investigate this case and every case in behalf of the people. Now that the people do not agree with the DA, think they should turn over DNA or exonerate Mr. Clair, the DA is crying conspiracy. I guess that the DA doesn’t realize that the pursuit of justice outweighs the DA’s right of some misconstrued departmental self preservation instinct. So the DA’s theory in this case has always been to obstruct justice, even if it means that a killer has gone free and that they kill an innocent man in his place.

The last two court hearings have had ACLU and other organization wearing shirts protesting the DA withholding discovery and obstructing justice. I thank everyone that has come out in this unprecedented case and opportunity to make a difference in how justice is administered. This case is being witnessed by the public and not being held behind closed doors.

I told you that you are part of history and that this is an incredible journey. We are making national history and this case is being looked at by legal experts everywhere. Thanks to our combined efforts of public support and determination, we have achieved goals that were thought to be impossible, and now other wrongfully convicted people will be able to challenge their cases and situations using the standards that we have set in this case. Most of our goals with this petition and campaign have had positive results and will be changing the standards and the legal system.

Please keep supporting and getting the petition out there for signatures, and if you can, financially support the rally that we are having on November 23, 2016 at Santa Ana College at 10:00 AM- 2:00 PM. I am proud of everyone that has supported this petition and Mr. Clair. As I have always said, this case is not just beneficial to Kenneth Clair, but to all the Kenneth Clair’s everywhere….

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