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C. J. Ford
Anaheim, CA

Apr 18, 2016 — I would like to thank all of the supporters who wrote letters over the last week to the court. Sometimes old-fashioned technology still works. Each of the letters were personalized and direct to the court, and I am so happy that we did not try to use a sample letter because those types of letters do not bring out individual feelings. Each of the letters that we sent to the judge were unique.

I am in the process of getting the addresses to national media newsrooms. I believe that some of this old-fashion technology, letter writing, should be used to demand media coverage for our petition. We surpassed the 100,000 supporter plateau, and this justice petition deserves the recognition and the media coverage that we have ALL worked hard to obtain. So please be ready to get out those envelopes and stamps again. These media news organization are not responding to their own online new story request. So maybe if we start to targeting the key people by regular letters, we may get more favorable results.

Maybe we will target individual commentators, or maybe people even higher in the organization? Maybe we can actually target the station manager and producers? So let me know any ideas you have that will expand on the media. If we can successfully target the media, convince them to follow up on our justice petition, we will be able to double its size and support. However, we need to make that happen because the media is still focused on the backwards and forwards and bickering of the political primaries.

There is something else that we can do, that we haven't been able to accomplish lately because of finances. That would be for every supporter who is able, to contribute to rallies and events and promotional stuff that we can sponsor ourselves to get this publicity. I have a regular rapport with some people from the media. The media wants to know what we are going to do next? I would like to tell them that we are going to have a rally or some other type of planned events. I know that the media would cover whatever event we had, but we have not been able to put together any type of serious money to have an event. I’ve managed to invest my personal money and also borrow money to make things happen like in Sacramento, but I can not pay for the permits and other expenses to hold large events. If we actually have large events, we can get media coverage plus do additional fund raising at those events.

So this is the position that we are in. Actually, the best mixture would be using both of the suggestions. Making changes to the justice system can only be done through the media hearing our voices, reading our comments, and spreading our story. We had gone too far now to let the media continue to trump all of our efforts to share this petition, just so they can cover political primaries. So that's a battle that we are facing, and since we been able to be victorious in other parts of this campaign, to conquer the media would assure our victory.

So let's discuss how we can use the power of 160,740 supporters and to continue to support Kenneth Clair and Elizabeth Clair in this struggle to get the Main Street Media’s attention. We need more focused letters and donations to get out our message. Once the message is out there, then we will have jumped over the last hurdle that will bring justice not only to Kenneth Clair, but to all of the Kenneth Clair's. We are responsible as supporters of this petition to move forward.

So I need your ideas and suggestions on how to target the media. How we can have events and raise funds. Whether or not there is another avenue available to target the media other than ideas that I have suggested. This week I am personally working on the government officials because of the success I found in my trip to Sacramento, but we really need a media remedy.

So let’s start to discuss this topic in our forum, so that we can continue to move forward in our efforts to Exonerate Kenneth Clair and to bring about fair justice for all.

Send check to 211 S. State College Blvd. #316, Anaheim, CA. 92806. or online to

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