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C. J. Ford
Anaheim, CA

Apr 13, 2016 — First of all I would like to thank everyone for the letters they wrote and I will make sure that Mrs. Clair gets them.

I have been talking to different attorneys since Kenneth Clair officially terminated his former defense attorney. Some of these attorneys are in private practices and some are part of larger organizations such as the Innocence Project or similar innocence seeking organizations. My job is not to pick Mr. Clair’s next counsel, but to filter through some of your suggestions and pass the information to Mr. Clair and his family. However, this case has sparked a lot of interest in the legal profession all over the country, thanks to you and your support. Ultimately, any prospective counsel will have to write or visit Mr. Clair because he has to make that decision.

Our goals as supporters of this petition are to make sure that Mr. Clair is on the right legal path, and will not do anything to jeopardize his innocence, freedom, or integrity. However, our mission is very clear and that is to work towards getting Mr. Clair exonerated because the actions of the district attorneys office, criminal at their best, have taken away all other remedies of Mr. Clair's release. The main remedy is the withholding of the DNA person of interest in this murder. We cannot focus too much on what future legal counsel will do in Mr. Clair’s case. I can assure you that all of this legal gamesmanship will still amount in Mr. Clair spending many more years of his life incarcerated.

Our petition, and your support, has already changed the trajectory of Mr. Clair’s case and we can claim that victory. We prevented Mr. Clair from taking a deal that would have jeopardized his innocence. Through your efforts and comments in support, Mr. Clair and all of the other Mr. Clair's know that there is no honor in compromising their integrity for their freedom. We asked supporters learned about the “Catch 22” situation that the justice system unfairly inflicts on innocent wrongfully convicted people. Our historic journey has had great impact on the justice system because people are reading what we are petitioning, and also, they are receiving additional education and comments. This petition has been an open forum for discussion and I can assure you that many others are reading and studying what we are doing.

With all of that said, my trip to Sacramento was overwhelming. I met so many people who lobby the government on a regular basis. I met government officials, their aides and staff that are in position to make things work, but seem to have to be motivated properly to get anything done. I have a better understanding of government then I ever had before. I met people and organizations that have been following our petition and signed. I introduced our petitions to others, that promise that they would sign. I talked to organizations and people that want to help us. I think that it will take me an entire week or so to process all of the information and contacts that we now have praising our efforts and supporting us. Through this experience I have learned that it's nice to be in a position to complain about things, but if you want to do something about anything you have to know how the government and things work. Our efforts to change the justice system can't just be achieved by complaints alone, we have to establish a mechanism within the system that will be instrumental in not only exposing, but implementing change.

So this is our new challenge. As supporters, chartered members, and founders of this movement we must make sure that this movement is carried out unilaterally, even well after we win in our efforts to exonerate Kenneth Clair. Whatever we do effectively for Kenneth Clair’s situation, has to be able to be translated into achieving the same for all of the Kenneth Clair’s. We must learn the process, challenge the process, and effectively pass laws that will return control over the justice system, back to the people. We have to really understand that we are the bosses of the justice system, not the victims. We have to stop getting used to saying things like “You can't do anything about it” when we actually can”. Here is the example: We exposed the intent of the system to imprison Mr. Clair without due process for the rest of his life. Only a hand full of people would have ever heard about the Clair case travesty that was not going to end very well for Mr. Clair. Our 160,700 Plus supporters changed Mr. Clair’s fate and others who have followed this petition. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE ….. BECAUSE WE ALREADY HAVE!

So I need your suggestions as always, I need a couple of brave supporters who want to become leaders in their area, and we need to establish a separate database so that we can contact each other and make sure that our overall objective continues. We had a grassroots movement here that can greatly impact future justice everywhere. So let's have our normal discussions about this topic and update, but if you want to separately emailed me because you want to step up as a leader and organizer, please do. It's about time that we take back our justice system, write effective legislation, and participate.

As always, please donate when you can, and what ever you can because finances are always important. However, I feel that the MOST IMPORTANT THING that you can do as a supporter is to BRING IN NEW SUPPORT! We need our petition to go viral the second time. I am asking each supporter to try to get 5 or more signatures. We need this to attract media attention and to get our issues heard. I am also planning strategy since my trip to Sacramento on putting more effective pressure on government officials regarding our issue. This justice issue that we are fighting does not involve political affiliation to parties, it involves a single issue and it is the unfair justice system that has been manipulated for personal and organizational gain. We need to take back our justice system, and return it to the real bosses, we the people. We need to establish that these organizations and entities need to take their marching orders from us, not vice versa.

So let's focus on achieving our goals. That's not get sidetracked on issues that are not relevant. Let's organize together, dream together, shared together, stand together, and LET’S FIGHT TOGETHER! We are winning right now so let's keep advancing.

Keep fighting for people power!

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