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C. J. Ford
Anaheim, CA

Feb 18, 2016 — I am so proud of everyone that has supported this campaign. By the time that you get this message we will have over 160,000 supporters. This is a milestone for petition support for injustice related petitions. I cannot tell you how proud I am of all of the supporters who want to make a difference in the justice system.

We have the district attorney's office on the run right now, and the prosecutors are delaying tomorrow's court action. The prosecution has filed a motion to continue this case. They know that we had been planning on being there with the media in support of Mr. Clair. SO THERE IS NO ACTION TOMORROW AT THE COURT EXCEPT TO CONTINUE THE CASE.

This is not a bad thing, because it gives us additional time to do the things that we need to do to correct the justice system because we have the support of over 160,000 people. We have to use this support as power that will be beneficial not only to Mr. Clair, but all other people that are in the same situation as Mr. Clair is in now.

Our goal is to continue getting support during the intermission in the Clair case. We need to get additional media, which I am working on now. We also should have additional rallies to show our support. I want everyone to understand that this petition is not only national, it is now international. The world is looking at this case and the treatment by prosecutors in general, who withhold exculpatory evidence and intentionally punish people to close cases, or to chalk up victories in the prosecution profession.

I cannot stop telling you, that each one of your supporting signatures has made a change right now. We have to capitalize on our unity to fight prosecution misconduct, and hold prosecutors criminally liable for the malicious withholding of exculpatory evidence, and intentionally taking away the civil rights of all of us by sending innocent people to jail and to be executed. We have this opportunity right at this moment in history. This may happen to you, someone in your family, one of your friends, or one of your associates. We need to fight now while the iron is still hot during this intermission.

Right now we need to really concentrate on raising money. The only way that we can do this is through your donations and support. We have come this far now and this battle is ours to win if we choose to. This is not just about Kenneth Clair, it is about all of the Kenneth Clair's in your neighborhoods. We want to make the impact through rallies and the media to change things. So during this time, please try to donate anything in the way of money, even if it's only $1. That's get ready for the big fight, and we need to take it to them. Also, continue to grow this petition through this intermission. The only way that we are going to win convincingly is that we convince the world that the conversation right now is the injustice that has been inflicted on many of the people in our communities, our families, our churches, our cities, our states, and on our nation.

Please give what you can so we can make a difference. If you are going to send a check, make it out to CRIC, 211 S. State College Blvd. #316, Anaheim, CA. 92806.

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