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Dear Apple, please bring the option to go back to the old theme in Yosemite

We, the OSX Users, are really proud of the devices we use. Proud to use efficient, stable and productive software.
With IOS 8 and Yosemite, Apple has provided a new esthetical paradigm in an effort of adaptation to the time, and a simplification from the skeuomorphisme. These changes are for a lot of users a source of grief.

We, by signing, aren't against ambracing the change. We are not against innovation and modernisation. Though, we reamain hopeful for a change on par with what Apple has accostumed us. We beleive that for instance, fluorescent files, weird Finder and Trash icons or badly executed transparancy aren't the response to that needed change. That is why we demand the return of the old theme through an option.

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