Save my child from death or childhood of abuse.Abolish cafcass as fail children daily!

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Cafcass are failing myself n my child .Ex has history of violence.Was violent to newborn n myself.Cafcass are pro him n say no risk ignoring all evidence and witnessses etc even social services have said he is a risk n we have been high risk under marac for  years!!!

the safeguarding team also say high risk!!!

He has hurt my child n even threatened to throw him down the stairs!

murder suicide threats which he will do as weird n evil.

his family lie for him n protect him n would never protect our child so not safe at all in his company!

no care when in my belly nor when out in fact was more aggressive when I was pregnant n after baba was born !!!

cafcass don’t believe me ignoring all Evidence!!!

Cafcass are clueless re risk and need abolishing n replaced with the usual safeguarding team like an IDVA,ISVA,Women’s Aid lady,paladin staff memeber and or Marac all clued up,trained n experienced in abuse and risk to the child.Family courts are ignoring the evidence pro dad n allow abuse n bullying to continue in family court!!!!it’s disgraceful n has given me ptsd!They even suggested both my children  were removed from my care because my narcissistic psychopath ex said to cafcass am a bad parent,an alcoholic,take drugs n mentally deformation of character n lies.i clear my reputation n prove no mental illness but cafcass are STILL pro perp and it’s shocking!Cafcass must stop ruining lives n tearing happy families apart.stealing children from their mums where they are safe n abuse free as at present are handing the child to the abuser on a plate!!!It has turned me to the brink of suicide but I will not let crapcass nor the incompetent and gender inequality family court system fail my child n I (my ex can’t believe his luck that his lies were believed and I am being persecuted in court).My ex will abuse my son as did before if has unsupervised contact which cafcass are pushing let alone him having our child ft.he has attempted to kill me n told me four times he will kill me then if has our child...if he doesn’t kidnap him he will kill our child then himself just to spite me.Murder suicide.he will n has history of attempts to kill n hurt other exes.He has mates in police who illegally cover up for him but still has a criminal record of abusing his exes for over ten years  all ignored by cafcass,child s solicitor n the judge.please I beg you sign this petition for my child s safety as need competent unbiased intelligent individuals who suss out an abuser then keep the child safe n then liaise with the judge in family court.

Open family court as too much is happening that shouldn’t be n is illegal n abusive.

Abolish cafcass and replace instead for eg that marac take over as cafcass are horrific and so unprofessional ruining innocent lives!Abusers even paedophiles are being handed their child on a plate to abuse more n removed from their happy,safe n abuse free Mum they love n adore.

its true n happening worldwide.

please help!this must stop.

Cafcass have been ruining lives for years n I only found this out as now sadly happening to me.please sign this petition n spread the word to your friends n work colleagues etc please then I shall present it to my local MP etc 

A repeating offender should only ever be allowed longterm indirect or supervised contact never unsupervised let alone custody which cafcass propose daily to the judge it’s injustice!!!

please sign so my child stays abuse free n stays with his Mama n best scenario has longterm indirect or longterm supervised contact so safe contact n comes to no harm n remains happy!!!

the police fail victims daily also well so is cafcass n the family court system so victims n children victims lives are being ruined daily!!!

Make this stop please.

The system must change please now not next year or in five years now please for my child who is innocent,vulnerable n can’t protect himself from the evil crazy thug!!!

cafcass must go!

family court must be opened 

when a perp has a criminal record of abusing exes-DA/DV/SV/Rape/ABH/Coercive Control /Stalking/Gaslighting etc he must not be allowed unsupervised contact with his child as will reoffend n n hurt the child this also must change!!!

!Indirect n supervised contact till child is an adult so can defend itself from these freaks!!!!!

the legislation must change that the iopc or an outside police force investigates corrupt police as at the moment the dodgy police can investigate themselves ie cover up the corruption then close the complaint n the iopc said the legislation must be changed n agrees as at the moment the police investigate themselves so when corrupt ...the system fails - this must change too please as perp wins with dodgy police,incompetent cafcass n a judge who then believes the dodgy police n unprofessional cafcass.

perp has won!!!

this must stop !!!!