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Each political party to commit to raising funds for the Brexit divorce from Brexiters

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The elected party will then implement this commitment via an online donation site.

Almost half (48.1%) of those voting in the EU referendum chose to remain in the EU, yet they will share the same responsibilities as Brexiters to pay the divorce bill. Guesstimates for the bill vary considerably, with a recent Financial Times estimate giving a range for the net bill of €55-€75billion. This indicates a cost of around €1,000 for every UK individual which translates to around €2,000 for each person in work.

This petition focuses purely on the divorce bill and does not include the unknown and additional predicted Brexit burdens such as negative impact on UK GDP per capita, trading under WTO rules and increases in costs of imported goods.    

It is therefore only fair and logical that Brexiters put their money where their mouths are and fund this high-risk venture into the unknown.


The public purse should fund a minority of the bill – say, 10% and the rest should come from public contributions. If the 90% is not reached, then a second referendum should be held to vote on whether the public purse should make up the shortfall. If the public do not vote this way, then Brexit should be abandoned.

A condition should also be set that the funds derive from a minimum number of members of the public to avoid the rich, who will gain so much from Brexit, donating most of the funds.

The online donation site could be set-up to enable funds to be returned to contributors on an equitable basis in scenarios such as Brexit not going ahead or funds raised exceeding the divorce bill.   

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