A proposal for a safe and legal place to Camp, Prospect for Gold on a active Gold Mine.

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The Golden Spear Mine is a small-scale gold mining operation in the legendary Palmer River region of North Queensland Australia. With your support to get through the red tape we propose to open our mining lease of 25 Ha, 1.5 Kms of Alluvial creek with facilities to give the Prospecting / Fossicking Hobbyist and Tourist a safe and legal place to Camp and detect / Pan for gold on an active Gold Mine Lease. Gold Miners in the Palmer River Gold Fields have a big problem with Prospector's and Tourist's going onto lease's without permission, this is "trespassing", "pouching", "stealing". (Which is illegal) and may get you fined for trespassing and lose your equipment or even get shot! It has happened in the past. We want to help the Miners and the Prospector's and Tourist's. Everyone wants to see the old Maytown ruins, the old Palmer River mines and have a prospect but unsure where they can and can't go. By using our proposed camp grounds as a base camp, we can advise you where you can and can't go safely, some miners will let you prospect on their lease with permission which we will organise for you to keep you, your family and friends safe and legal. This in terms will help reduce trespassing and pouching on the gold fields and still give the prospector's and Tourist's a safe place to explore. We don't want the Palmer River gold fields to shut down like they are doing down south to the gold fields. Get onboard and help us get this proposed camp ground through the Red Tape with your support and help your prospecting community keep the legendary Palmer River Gold Fields open.