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pj johnson
Whitehorse, Canada

Oct 23, 2019 — 

Thanks to all for signing & sharing this petition! It has currently been signed by a combined total of over 90,000 supporters in 163 countries on all 7 continents around the world. Well done! But we need more voices to speak out for those who continue to suffer and die in the grueling 1,000-mile Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race. The situation is grim.

Northern sled dogs remain some of the most-abused animals in the world. There is this myth that they can handle a 1,000-mile race but the truth is they are often run to death and forced spend their lives on a chain 24-7 in brutal conditions. The mushers claim to love their dogs but when you care about an animal you don't deliberately put it in harm's way. It’s clear that all they really care about is money & winning.

Long distance sled dog racing fosters the abuse and exploitation of defenseless animals. To many mushers the dogs are just ‘business’ - objects to be used and disposed of. They often own kennels where they breed & sell so-called 'champions' and they also get them from rescue shelters and then cull them after the race. They kill them so they don't have to maintain them year-round. The life of a northern sled dog is dismal at best.

The Yukon Quest is gearing up for the next race and the mushers are signing up. Most have already run at least one dog to death. Every year at least one sled dog dies in agony during the Yukon Quest and the largest annual sponsor is the Yukon Government who doled out $171,000 of tax-payers’ dollars to the barbaric Yukon Quest last year alone.

Introducing You to Some of This Year’s Yukon Quest 2020 Mushers - With only ten industry mushers signed up for the 1,000-mile race that means 40% of the entry field so far have recorded dog fatalities.

MUSHER: Brent Sass
DOG DEATH: “Melville” - 2007 Yukon Quest
The dog swallowed a piece of fabric possibly part of his harness causing perforation of his intestine resulting in death.

DOG DEATH: “Taco” - 2011 Yukon Quest
Collapsed in harness and died after leaving the Eagle checkpoint.

DOG DEATH: “Basin” - 2015 Training Run
Dog team reportedly left unattended by musher escaped from gangline and attacked and killed Basin.
MUSHER: Richard Beattie
DOG DEATH: “Oshi” - 2019 Iditarod
Pulled from the sled bag to stand in line at the finish line. Oshi later died of aspiration pneumonia at an Anchorage animal hospital.
MUSHER: Dave Dalton
DOG DEATH: “Bashful” - 2014 Yukon Quest
Died in harness enroute to Pelly Crossing. Died as a result of a stomach ulcer.
MUSHER: Cody Strathe
DOG DEATH: “Dorado” - 2013 Iditarod
Dropped in Unalakleet. Dorado asphyxiated in a snow drift during an overnight storm where he was kept outside through reported -45° Fahrenheit winds. Cody’s wife Paige was running the team.

*Keep in mind that many deaths go unreported and the dogs also die from their injuries after the race.

The death toll is MASSIVE & it keeps climbing! With the death of 5-year old sled dog Joker who choked to death in this year’s 2019 Yukon Quest the sled dogs continue to pay with their blood. It’s clear that the only way to improve this barbaric event is to exclude them from the race. We need to get louder and speak with more voices to create a worldwide awareness of their desperate plight! Future generations will condemn this cruel event! *More at:  Sled Dog Racing is Inhumane!

Please continue to SIGN & SHARE this PETITION and make a DONATION to help support it and raise awareness. There is power in numbers! Together we can expose the truth and let the world know what’s really happening to the northern sled dogs. With knowledge comes change.

About Donating to This Petition: By making a donation to this petition you give others an opportunity to sign and share it. Every $20 will advertise this petition 500 extra times on and all contributions over $25 will be doubled! Impression Calculation: $20 will advertise this petition 500 extra times to new supporters. So a donation of $26 will reach 1,000 new supporters.

A section of my new book “it’s howlin’ time!” by pj johnson Poet Laureate of the Yukon is dedicated to the plight of the northern sled dogs. Available at: Mac's Fireweed Books and Amazon

*Special thanks to Ashley Keith and fellow advocates who continue to speak out for those who have no voice.

Poet Laureate of the Yukon

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