Abolish Glasgow University Graduation Fees for 2017-2018!

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The University of Glasgow Student Experience Committee

The University of Glasgow claims to advocate equality of opportunity across all of its learning, teaching and working environments with no place for discrimination. It has committed itself to inclusiveness, embracing diversity by valuing and respecting the perspectives and contributions of all students.

However, the current debate concerning the £50 graduation fees for becoming a member of the General Council is a breach of these values that this university tries to promote. Every student, regardless of their current financial situation or background, should receive the degree that they have rightfully earned. For many students, graduating is a milestone and one of the most important parts of their student experience.  The current graduation fees restrict the experience of graduating to only those who can afford it and for those who cannot, this becomes a choice of increasing their financial burden or forgoing their degree, which not only counteracts inclusiveness, but also actively fosters inequality. 

We appreciate that the University has decided to abolish the fees for the following term and that the subject is currently discussed by the Student Experience Committee. Yet, we want to highlight that such fees are not in place at other Scottish universities and the University of Glasgow cannot be the exception, especially as it runs contrary to its principles.

The University claims  to be a “world changing” one and the Student Experience Committee has to take action now by showing that change must also happen within the University itself and as future world changers, we are hereby making our voices heard to promote the abolishment of Graduations fees.

We, the undersigned students, therefore demand that the committee takes the following two actions in their upcoming meeting:

1. To abolish all future Graduate Council/Graduation fees, including the fees for the academic term 2017-2018

2. To reimburse all students who have already enrolled for 2017-2018 graduation

Yours Faithfully,