Give Highers & National 5s More Recognition on TSR!

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I've been using The Student Room since I sat my National 5s (GCSE equivalent) two years ago, and I think that it is a great resource. 

However, I think it could be a lot better for people sitting Scottish exams. 

The Scottish qualifications forum is accessible on TSR, however it is quite tucked away. Not a lot of people know that it is there. New visitors on the website see the A-level and GCSE tabs first, and have to search further for forums to do with Scottish qualifications. 

Seeing as A-Levels and GCSEs both have their own tab on the TSR website, I think The Student Room should do this for National 5 and Higher qualifications too. 

This would attract more users when they realise that they are being catered for better and have access to more resources. 

It would also making finding a discussion on the subject you're studying a lot easier, since right now they are jumbled up under the Scottish qualifications forum. 

In Scotland, a student can sit National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams. 

Please sign so The Student Room will incorporate Scottish qualifications into the design of their website even more!